The New Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

May 2016 (Singapore)

May 2016 (Singapore) – Singapore’s leading interior design firm, designphase dba, announces the completion of their latest Hospitality project, The Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel,

Connecting to the modern international travelling community, the New Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel positions itself at the crossroads of East and West. By sampling, remixing, fusing and reinterpreting cultures and influences from all corners of the world, international design-house Designphase dba, provides a new, engaging and enticing experience for hotel guests.

The hotel welcomes its guests with open arms and the new experience starts upon arrival at the drop-off. Here guests are embraced by two 10-metre high walls covered in featured artwork designed in collaboration with KULT Singapore.

A shimmering metal sheer curtain screening the artwork guides guests through the signature ‘golden mirrored glass entrance box’. Guests transition through this feature entrance; leaving the mundane behind and entering The Cloud, the lobby of the hotel. Emphasizing the height and volume of the lobby space is the cumulous cluster of Molo Clouds. The soft white glowing shapes form a dreamlike reminder you have entered a new world; a place to experience new things and leave your daily cares behind.

Guests find themselves at the center of the Hotel’s new experience, anchored by four bronze clad columns identifying the four corners of the world. This places the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel in the centre, like Singapore as the hub of Asia. The new lobby has an open concept reception and self-check-in booths.

Views to the river and greenery are opened up and framed by full glass facades. New outdoor seating gives guests the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and entertainment of the exciting live grilling station. Extended sightlines give prominence to the various f&b offers, from the live cooking buffet to the Italian restaurant with anti-pasti show kitchen and private dining.

As a fully integrated experience the layout connects all major functions through strategically placed elements at highlighted positions. “This makes for a lively space” says Joris Angevaare, Design Director and Partner at Designphase dba. The exciting variety of food and beverage within the unified Social Space caters to hotel & conference guests and locals alike. Designphase dba, who have been operating in Singapore for more than 30 years state that,”Singaporeans are heartily embracing the contemporary spirit of social spaces like these.”

The flooring provides a subtle division between ‘functions and moments’ gradiating from light to dark marble tiles. One quarter of the hotel’s main round bar intersects with the Italian restaurant where the floor is a blend of timbers from light to dark smoked oak. The transition is bridged by a ten meter long high table shared between the two.

Around the circular bar and all day dining buffet guests gastronomically journey the four corners of the world. The depth of choice emphasised by a large X-shaped glass illuminated feature above their respective centres. In between the iconic bar and buffet, various seating arrangements give guests choice at different times of the day and for a multitude of gatherings.

All this on a backdrop of curved timber veneer, subtlety washed in warm light. Materials throughout the space are intricate fusions and mixes of metals and timbers; leathers and fabrics. The juxtaposition of materials, colour hues and finishes symbolise and emphasise the concept of ‘East X West’. The design is the surprising and exciting result of cultures colliding and coming together in a new way.

Designphase dba’s interior design provides a seamless experience that is layered and intriguing. Reflections and screening elements throughout the space provide a multidimensional and memorable experience.