Lip, Lip, Hooray!

It’s #TeamDDBA

Because a mental playground requires above all, people.

For 35 years, designphase dba has accumulated an incredible reputation as one of Asia’s most experienced interior design firms, and we’ve grown from strength to strength. From a 5-man unit all those years back to a 38 people strong squadron, we have grown in creative talent, skills, knowledge and experience!

The team is in love with all-things design, and is certainly not afraid to challenge design boundaries. More importantly, we want to share who we are, what we do and why we love what we do.

We are embarking on an imaginative campaign to get people talking! We want people to know that we don’t pay lip service, but we deliver. We want to start sharing mouthfuls of inspiration, mouthfuls of great designs, all via our social media.

We’ve had our lips sealed for a while on social media, but now we can’t contain our excitement anymore on this journey. Hello, we are designphase dba.

Get talking to us: