• L'eclair

    A beautiful product deserves a beautiful store. With the international profile of a “Jewel” location, L'éclair new store design sits comfortably among a host of Global brands.

    Adopting some of the characteristic of the product, the stores design became a metaphor for éclairs. They are pillow-shaped, with round corners, feminine and pretty, refined, sophisticated and yet very accessible.

    L'éclair displays these Singapore made, French inspired delicacies from a white topped, clear glass showcase, set into a soft, pink, con-temporized/classic concept.

    Customers can walk around the display and get very close to the cleverly decorated items to choose from a wide range of ever changing flavours. Distinct identities are created for each éclair, reflecting the taste and aroma of each unique, hand-made recipe.

    The stores design is kept very simple with clean lines and un-fussy details so as not to compete for attention but to compliment. The colour and materials scheme is young, sweet and creamy and like the éclairs themselves, only top quality products and ingredients are used to achieve this lovely result.