Food Photog 101

nom, nom, nom

by Shirley Lai

Or, Ways photographers make food look so delicious you’re disappointed when you eat the actual thing.

1) Lighting
Artificial light is a huge, no-no. The food world is a more beautiful place with natural, diffused light. NO FLASH NO FLASH NO FLASH. In case you didn’t catch that, NO FLASH.


2) Gear is Not Fairy Dust
Can anyone really tell which photograph came from the iPhone 5, and which is from the Olympus OMD EM-5, with a $400 prime lens? No? Great gear doesn’t magically make every photograph brilliant, so that extra ka-ching can be directed to learn about…


3) The Eye
There are approximately 3 different angles one can use on a food photograph: The Overhead;


the 45º;


the Horizon line.


The last thing you want is an instagram that looks like this, right?

Photography 05052014