Designphase dba. Beyond Singapore

“Singapore will remain our base.”

Designphase began interior design operations in Singapore in 1981. The firm has witnessed first-hand the amazing transformation of this tiny but important island.


In the early days, in the field of Interior Design, there were only a few Singapore-based Interior Designers serving a minute market of multinational offices as hotels were largely designed by foreign firms and shopping centres by architects.


As Singapore became more organized, influential and prosperous, the call for professional services (including specialist Interior Designers) rose and their community strengthened. Coincidentally, Singaporeans began to travel a great deal, for business, education and leisure. Their observations began to inform business and society resulting in greater acceptance of creative thought, higher standards and more refined processes.


Over time, Singapore’s brand throughout Asia, has become synonymous with design excellence and quality. Derek MacKenzie, Managing Director of designphase said together with their experience and longevity of cultural integration within Singapore and the region, the brand of designphase dba has become closely associated with the first-rate reputation of Singapore.


“It hasn’t all been plain sailing. Weathering the storms of crisis (Asian, Global and Internal) has taught us a great deal about focus, governance and the weighing of priorities,” he said.


“Our early enthusiasm toward regional expansion yielded little more than an extended workload with greater risk. Reigning in our eagerness to chase rainbows has been a key issue in assessing our suitability for work outside Singapore. Along with this, a robust enquiry into the processes, responsibilities, deliverables and governing circumstances of each assignment has been put in place.


Derek said part of the strategy is to never ‘depend’ on overseas work for survival.


“Our strong home base has delivered relationships which have precipitated partnerships and collaboration for overseas projects. The high ethical and professional standards of Singapore clients and consultants provide us with great confidence throughout these assignments.


“Our firm is currently actively engaged in interior design projects in Malaysia, UAE, India, South Korea and USA. The scope of our service is similar in most projects where we provide space planning, concept evolution, detailed design, working drawings and specifications as core activities. All of these activities are carried out in Singapore where our skills and expertise reside. Singapore is well known for its diligent workforce and high integrity.


“As our reputation permeates the region and the world, Singapore will remain our base. In ‘The Asian Century’, this is certainly an inspiring and convenient location, while efficient, sensible and safe for our business.”