10 October 2017

The Science Behind (Interior) Design

by Joris Angevaare, published on INDESIGNLIVE.SG

Creative Director of designphase dba Joris Angevaare shares his insight on interior design as an effective tool to establish a connection with today’s hospitality audience. The business strategy of hotels is changing – because the way people use hotels is changing. With the rising popularity of the sharing economy, millennials and digital disruption, travellers are increasingly savvy. For ...

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2 October 2017

Green buildings help in climate change fight

by Derek MaKenzie

They may hold the key to reducing Singapore's carbon footprint as urban development continues apace with the property sector roaring back to life once again. It is the year 2500. We travel with driverless cars, Mars is a much loved tourist spot, and robots live and walk amongst us as peers. One catch – we’re all underwater because sea levels have risen more than six metres, based on projec...

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6 October 2015

Retail Differentiation

by Derek MacKenzie

You have heard it before: When competing in a furiously competitive market, differentiation is a key issue to standing out from other choices your customers are free to make. The bricks and mortar retail industry in any country is heavily challenged by an ever expanding range of alternatives which are available to their customers. New arrivals are being produced in cheap labour markets close...

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