6 October 2015

A Never Ending Pattern

Fun repeats

by Fractal Foundation

A Fractal is a pattern that repeats itself over and over and over again, but at a different scale each time. Although it is a complex system, it is nothing more than repeating a simple process.


Fractals can be found in nature

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2 October 2014

Food Photog 101

nom, nom, nom

by Shirley Lai

Or, Ways photographers make food look so delicious you’re disappointed when you eat the actual thing.

1) Lighting
Artificial light is a huge, no-no. The food world is a more beautiful place with natural, diffused light. NO FLASH NO

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2 October 2014

주의! Mind the Gap!

Seoul subway platform signage

by Joris Angevaare

Mind the Gap! Korean style, with absolute precision.


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30 September 2014

Go Green!

Sustainable design

by Diane Arceo

– Local sourcing.
– Reduces carbon emissions caused by long-distance transportation and supports the local economy.

– Low-energy lighting systems, capture natural daylight, water

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30 September 2014

Stone Cold

Xiamen stone yard visit

by Marlyn Malabanan

There are many kinds of granites and marble raw blocks stored in many stone yards in Xiamen, China. The following images will show you all about them…

Huge stone yards everywhere!

xiamen_bigeyes06 copy xiamen_bigeyes07

Slab cutting section

xiamen_bigeyes08 xiamen_bigeyes09

Dry laying


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