As one of Asia‘s most experienced interior design firms, designphase dba has had the privilege to work on some of the most notable assignments in the region. The majority of these have been undertaken for companies which are held in the highest esteem in both regional and international communities. A wide variety of important interior design projects, have earned the firm its proud reputation as highly versatile innovators and creative problem solvers. The firm actively seeks challenging work which presents new or unusual circumstances, and are comfortable with breaking new ground when originating concepts. Providing design, quality assurance and cultural guidance to clients new to Asian cultures, have also had their proven rewards for both sides of the Client / Consultant relationship.

designphase began providing interior design services to the region in 1976, when the Hong Kong office was initiated. Responding to our client‘s requests for regional service continuity, the opening of the Singapore office in 1981 provided more immediate access to client project needs. Jakarta followed in 1990, Melbourne in 1994 and our former Malaysian office in 1995. Wizened and tailored through Asian experience, these operations now totaling nearly 100 staff, have added both strength and range to the firm’s ability to provide our clients with creative, technical and on-site quality control support throughout South East Asia.

Careful consideration of our clients‘ business operations, flows, work patterns and structure, coupled with a clear understanding of the ultimate objectives of the assignment, are the portals through which our efforts and services are delivered. This is well demonstrated through an impressive and highly varied client list.

Private sector, headquarters facilities and contemporary, new-age offices for public sector clients, compliment our work on the public spaces (entrances, lobbies and value added facilities) to the buildings which accommodate them are particularly well represented. Keppel Corporation HQ, Societe Generale, City House lobby, Union Bank of Switzerland, Economic Development Board, NTUC Congress Facilities, International Enterprises Singapore and Unilever’s New National Headquarters Campus in Mumbai, are excellent examples of the firm’s versatility, originality and quality of output.

designphase dba operations are modeled on International Best Practice. Our work in feasibility studies, strategic planning, space standards, design build packages, brand expression and change management are sought after, complementary additions to the main stream activities in design, specification, detailing, project administration and supervision services. The greatest benefits from a project’s full potential “don‘t just happen”. For clients to get the most from their assignments, we encourage an open mind to project possibilities and to a reasonably creative thought process.

Our team members are exemplary among their peers. In team selection, we are careful to blend the benefits of creative flair and enthusiasm with old-hand knowledge and know-how. This is an important issue in building our firm‘s profile and reputation as a refreshing originator of concepts, diligent and skilled at bringing these ideas to successful fruition.

We are well-known for our flexible approach and will be happy to tailor our design services to meet your organization‘s specific needs.

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